Thursday, 18 October 2012



I am a 25 year old fashionista (or so I like to think). I work as a retail manager and love visual merchandising and all things fashion darrrrhhling.

I have an insane movie collection and totally judge people by their favourite film choice. I think it says a lot about a person; The Notebook = big softy, Die Hard = adrenaline junkie, Shawshank Redemption = escaped get the idea.

I would have sexual intercourse with my Sky Plus box if I didn't fear it malfunctioning, so I settle instead for a full-time relationship. I seriously think that Sky Plus is the best thing since sliced bread and if I'm not working, shopping or with friends then I am guaranteed on my Ikea sofa putting in quality T-I-M-E with my baby.

Massive foodie! Love eating out, cooking, cheese fondue parties and such. Huge cheese and seafood lover, though not together. Love Chinese & Mexican cuisines the most.

Love to travel and just generally being in sunshine. New York is my favourite place in the entire world and I cant wait till I next go again. Being lucky enough to have family there helps!

I love being female & REPRESENTIN' Kinda jealous that Tulisa ripped off my whole female boss thing I got going on over here......

Proud of my achievements & my own drive for success. Always reach for the stars, no matter who will try to put you down.....And they WILL TRY

Heres some issues that matter to me.....

Cancer Research
Domestic Abuse/Violence
Equal Rights for Women
Recycling - Greener energy
World Peace (cos if Barbie endorses it, you know its good)

Few bits of key information out of the way, will be asking friends for suggested blog topics, got a few things to get off my chest first though, next blog coming soon.....
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