Thursday, 18 October 2012

Good reasons to write a blog....

Just a short entry today to see how shit hot this looks on my new blog.......... Totally pimped it out this morning, and id like to categorically state that I took that NYC pic whilst in NYC & its not a template, no siree, no fakesters here I'm afraid.

So thought id get a little blog going during this unemployed period, seemed like a sensible option and is actually much more time consuming than staring out the window?! Always wanted to do something like this but never had the time so ive never done it! Its pretty much to entertain myself inbetween job interviews but maybe you'll also find some comfort in it. 

Another good reason to start a blog is its totally acceptable to write for a living, although lets not get ahead of ourselves........... but I did get an A in English GCSE and i'll be damned if I dont do no good from it!

Any excuse to stay in my onesie all day and im pretty much happy! But dont be mislead, I DO want to start a new job and have been interviewing till im blue in the face. This blog will hopefully provide a creative outlet for me in the meantime as i seem to be outgrowing even twitter, i just like the sound of my own opinion too much..........

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